Can anyone learn how to talk to the animals?

For the most part yes if they are truly open to the process and love animals. I believe we all have the ability to learn but just like any other skill such as tennis or piano there are some that are just more talented in that area.  It takes a lot of practice and dedication but I can teach most people the basics in about 30 minutes.

How many animals have you communicated with?

I've been a professional Animal Communicator since 2002 and have logged over 12,000 sessions with animals as of January 2015. 

Animals can't talk!  How can you possibly do this?  Seriously!

I'm not here to change anyone's mind or alter your belief systems.  I was very skeptical when I first heard the term Animal Communicator as an adult. It sounded impossible and outrageous to me too.  But we are raised to question the world around us so it's actually quite normal to have a healthy skepticism about new things. I had to experience it for myself and then I was still a bit unsure but I continued to research and experience the process.  I became a believer only after I had my own personal experiences with telepathic communication.  Therefore, I'm very accepting of skeptics and realize that this may seem impossible to some of you.  All I can say is you may never know unless you experience it for yourself.  After you have a session and go through this experience then you can decide there for yourself and see that maybe there is a lot more it than you first thought. 

Do you have another full time job?
This is my full time job

Do you have any formal training or certifications?
I am self taught and the animals have been my teachers.  I've learned everything through trial and error and years of practice.  I don't feel that formal education or certifications are needed for psychic work.  If you seek a formal education or certification that's great and I support your decision. But I feel that if you have the desire, intent and motivation to learn you don't need a degree or certificate.  My clients' testimonials mean more to me than any piece of paper on the wall.

How can you connect with animals that live in different parts of the world?
There are no barriers such as time and distance when I make an energetic connection. Energy can be in more than one place at a time.  It is not limited by space or time. 

Are deceased animals more difficult to connect with?
Not at all.  Deceased animals (and humans for that matter) are alive and well in energetic form.  They are essentially pure energy and that energy is what I read and pick up on.  So for me it's actually easier to connect with those on the Other Side.

How do I know it is my animal you are connecting with?
Your animal's unique personality and characteristics will be part of the energy that comes through and you will recognize messages specific to that animal.  There have been cases where two animals will overlap messages such as in multi pet households. For the most part I can ask them to be patient and connect with one at a time.

I had a session with you and I don't understand one of the messages.  Why is that?
Your animals may share messages or information that you won't recognize right away. This is normal and it occurs in just about every session.  The first reason is that I'm not 100% accurate.  No one is.  It can be that I got the content of the message right but delivered it to you wrong. 

For example, in a session I had with a deceased cat she kept referring to being in 'the gardens'. My client was very clear that she lived in a high rise in Manhattan and there was no garden area what so ever.  She insisted that this message was wrong and way off base.  But the kitty told me it was right so I continued to ask about 'the gardens'. 

Finally the next day my client contacted me and said she knew what her kitty meant.  It turned out that 'The Gardens' was the actual name of her apartment building itself.  So the message was accurate but both of us thought her cat meant a flower garden of some sort. 

Other times you may not understand a message as it is meant for the future. Such as the client who's departed father kept referring to a man/brother he was with on the Other Side named Michael.  He showed me a badge and uniform. My client knew her family history and denied having any uncles named Michael. 

It was about four years later during research on that my client discovered there was an unknown previous marriage by her grandmother and a son was born from that marriage.  It turned out that she did indeed have an uncle named Michael.  She later discovered that her long lost Uncle Michael was a police officer and was killed in the line of duty. 

Okay but I still don't get one of the messages that came through.  Can you explain?
Even though you think you know everything there is to know about your animal there are some things that will just be 'new information' to you. Keep an open mind and accept what they share. 

How accurate are you?
I'm the first one to admit that I make mistakes.  It's just part of being human. Although I strive to do my very best to provide you with accurate and detailed messages sometimes the energy can get very thick just like mud.  Sometimes its my energy that's off, sometimes its your energy and sometimes its the animal's or the other human's energy.   In any case if I cannot get a good read or the information isn't coming through we can always reschedule and try another day.

Your payment will not be held hostage. If you decide you aren't happy with your session just let me know.  100% guarantee.  No questions asked. 
How do I prepare for my session?
Take 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment and calm your mind.  Bring good energy to the session.  Be excited, nervous, anxious but don't be overly emotional.  Tears are always allowed but if you are in the depths of despair and can't get through the day without waves of emotion overwhelming you then it's best to wait until you are calm and able to focus.

How long should I wait after an animal or human has passed on before I schedule a session?
The answer is very simple.  Animals and humans are ready at any time to connect but it's best to wait for you to be calm and relaxed. 

How do I find the right psychic to work with?
Think in terms of how we often try to find the right hair stylist or salon for our needs. Usually we ask family and friends for referrals.  There are many talented stylists out there but it may take a couple of times with different stylists before you find the right person.

There is a level of confidence and trust that you establish with that stylist.  I doubt that many of you would allow just anyone to cut and color your hair.

The same is true for a psychic.  Ask around for referrals from those you trust.  You have to have a level of confidence and trust with that psychic and feel comfortable with their abilities.  If you ever feel uncomfortable then it's time to find a new psychic.

How do you feel about being tested for accuracy?
Please do not attempt to test me.  This is very disrespectful to any legitimate psychic.

Some Basic Guidelines for a session.
  • Do your research before you schedule a session with me or anyone else.
    Read the testimonials or ask for references. 
  • If I feel I'm being tested I will end the session immediately. So please, don't waste my time.
  • Don't withhold information - This is a form of testing.
  • Not responding to the messages is a form of testing.  Please don't do that either.
  • When you hear a message it's polite to respond as to whether or not you understand how it applies to you. 
  • I will ask you for very little information during a session.  I need the animals name, age, gender and if they are living or deceased.  I'll also ask your primary goal.  If you know about a health issue or a certain problem it's important to be upfont. 
  • Think about going to see your doctor for a check up.  If you are having  a certain problem do you sit silently and wait for them to find it on their own?  Discuss openly your goals so I can get right to the issue at hand.
  • Make sure you will not be disturbed during your session time.  Don't be driving down the freeway, doing dishes or babysitting the neighbor kids. It's very distracting to have any interruptions during your session. 
  • Take 5-10 minutes before your appointment and calm yourself, breathe deeply and relax.
  • Fakes, frauds and wanna-be psychics are out there.  Unfortunately they give those of us who work really hard at this livlihood a very bad name.  Do your homework first and read reviews.
  • I've been fortunate enough to have worked with so many fantastic clients over the years many of whom have been with me from the very start. Some of them have become very close friends and I feel truly honored to be a part of their journey.  It's a huge compliment when I receive their referrals and I always do my best to give each and every client the same careful attention.
  • Whether you decide to work with me or any other Lightworker I bid you peace and abundant blessings~
What NOT To Do:
  • Do Not...Expect a certain response.
    You'll only be disappointed. For instance,
    a certain nickname, term of endearment or other specific message.
  • Do Not...Withhold information to test me. If I feel I'm being tested I will cancel the session immediately.
  • Do Not...Be quick to negate messages. It is normal for some messages to be unclear at first only to understand them completely at a later date.
  • Do Not...Sit back during your session and not say a word. The best sessions are those where everyone participates.
  • Do Not...Continue to ask questions when your session time has ended.
  • Do Not...Ask for free readings.