Born and raised in Southern California, Karen surrounded herself with many beloved animals over the years and learned how to understand their thoughts and feelings. 

As her career path took her into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Karen realized that her psychic skills enabled her to read the energy of the suspects and criminals she dealt with while she was a deputy sheriff in Bailey, Colorado.

A full time Animal Communicator since 2002, Karen has logged well over 12,000 sessions as of January 2015.  She provides her clients with incredibly detailed private consultations and refers to her style of readings as an 'Evidential Medium' as she strives to obtain evidence and actual facts for her clients.

Karen is known across the globe for her easy going sense of humor, down to earth manner and amazing accuracy.  

Her vast experience has earned her a reputation as an expert in behavior resolution, discovering health problems and end of life issues for all living creatures.  Her highly attuned intuitive abilities allow her to read the energy of all animals, living or deceased and also departed humans (Mediumship) bringing forth their messages of healing and much needed peace of mind.

"Hear All Creatures!" is Karen's first book and shares the actual events that unfolded as Karen learned how to communicate with the animals and is available through this site or Amazon. 

Karen has received the prestigious recognition as the 1st Place Winner for 'Best Animal Communicator' on the Readers' Choice Awards for 2013. In 2012 Karen also received the 2nd Place Award for the 'Best Animal Communicator'. Read more here:

Combining her two areas of expertise, the psychic realm and law enforcement, Karen also works with law enforcement agencies on missing persons, cold cases and other unsolved crimes.  

Karen's love of all things paranormal brought her together with the White Light Paranormal Insight Team providing her psychic abilities to help resolve unwanted paranormal activity in the private sector.  

Karen works exclusively from her home office in the Spokane, Washington area and also attends numerous paranormal and psychic events as a guest speaker.  Karen teaches various classes and workshops on Animal Communication and psychic development and continues to be a foster home to many abused and unwanted animals in the Pacific Northwest.  

A New Book, Amazing Paranormal Encounters,Vol. 2
features Karen as a contributing author, sharing her true stories of incredible messages from the afterlife with her chapter about 'Joshua', 'A Hero Named Jack', and 'Baby Hope'.  Other chapters include bone-chilling ghostly tales written by paranormal investigators, radio show hosts and other experts in the paranormal field. 

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