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  Mediumship Sessions

A Medium Session allows you to hear detailed messages from your departed human loved ones.  Although we never know who will show up during a Medium Session I am usually able to bring through the loved ones that you want to hear from.

Read through the FAQ's and make sure you will not be disturbed for your session.

Ask your loved ones to make an appearance during your session. It is fairly common for your animal and human loved ones to come through together in a family group or soul group.  Some of your loved ones will be outspoken and talkative just like they were here on Earth.  Others will be quiet and more conservative. 

Your loved ones will manifest for me in various ways.  Some are full body manifestations where I can see them standing or sitting in my office.  Others may just manifest with their thoughts.  Some will send images.  Each session is unique and its so important to be open to hearing what they are here to tell you.

Your loved ones may share their personality, messages, insight and feelings during your session. 

I do not use any photos for this type of session I simply allow your loved ones to join us for the session. 

You may ask questions throughout your session however, unlike an animal session you may not get the answers you seek.  Our human loved ones cannot tell us what decision to make nor can they interfere with our free will.  They can guide us, reassure us and help us along our path but they cannot interfere with our decisions.

Being human we are entitled to have free will and make our own decisions.  This is part of our spiritual growth that our loved ones will not impede upon.  They will gently and lovingly nudge us and guide us but the rest is up to us.

You can always ask your loved ones, spirit guides and angels for a sign that you are on the right path but in no way will they tell you what to do.  Nor will I.  It is not up to anyone except you.

The appropriate time to wait after a loved one has passed away ( or made their transition out of body) is when you are emotionally calm and relaxed.  They will usually be ready at any time.

Emotions are powerful things and can feel like heavy, wet blankets on our souls.  They put a thick cloak around us and make it difficult to send and receive messages.  It is always in your best interest to wait until you are no longer under that heaviness.