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Karen Anderson takes you on an incredible voyage into the hearts and minds of the animals in her book, 'Hear All Creatures'. Their vivid descriptions of death and the Afterlife show the amazing capacity of animals as intelligent, spiritual beings, and their devotion to the humans in their lives.  This is truly an unforgettable and emotional journey that will bring you closer to your own animal companions and allow you to see them in a whole new light.
~New York Times Best-Selling Author, Dannion Brinkley

I have seldom been as impressed by anyone as I am by
Karen Anderson.  She's the real deal!
~New York Times Best-Selling Author, Linda Lael Miller

Karen Anderson tells inspiring, heartfelt true stories about her experiences in communicating with animals.  Reading her journey in 'Hear All Creatures' may well open your mind and heart to the reality of power of telepathic communication with animals.

~ Penelope Smith, Author, Pioneer Animal Communicator &
Editor of Species Link magazine

Karen It was an amazing experience talking with you about our lost pet. You picked up on so much-terrain, landmarks, signage. You knew details. Thank you for giving us hope and determination.

Karen has an extreme sensitivity to what might be hard to describe, or absorb, and ACCURACY. She has communicated with my animal friends for nearly 6 years, including pets going clear back to a childhood dog. My last dog telling me "It's time", prompting me to call our vet right then, for one final procedure. She was 15 and literally dragging during the final months. Prior to my ability to communicate with Karen, I hated making medical decisions for my dogs, it is much easier being able to TALK to them about what is going on.  If you are so inclined, I urge you to trust Karen's caring voice and phenomenal skills, to communicate with your animal friends. - Joan B.

Keep up the great work, Karen. You are a blessing to the world.

Karen helped me through end of life issues with both of my animals, guiding me through the time when they wanted/needed to cross the bridge. It is comforting to me when I can still connect to those two special beings. She is now helping me with my two newest girls and has given me some great feedback on how to relate to them better.

Karen is the best. She has helped me cross one of my dogs over and she helps me to know what's going on with my dogs (7) here. She is so accurate. I highly, highly recommend her. Sandy F.

Karen gave me the most incredible experience, communicating with my one in a million horse. The clever and unique comments Karen shared were so fitting of my mare, and personal to our experiences. There could be no doubt of the absolute authenticity of her communication. I will treasure the experience forever. - Claudia

Karen is the real deal! I've had many sessions with karen over the years and she never ceases to amaze me with very specific details from loved ones (both fur and human) on the other side. An example: my deceased mom came through on a phone session and said , " you are beautiful, as I remembered, on the inside and outside, even when you get things stuck on your hair. " I just gasped. Karen asked what that meant and I told her I had just gotten extension, literally "stuck on my hair"! So many more examples. Schedule your session, you will not be disappointed. - Teri M.

This was the most beautiful and healing experiences I have ever had. The session I had I with Karen assured me that my beloved Sammy never left me. I heard several special (and specific) messages from him, as well as, messages from my father and best friend. This is the first relief I have felt since I watched Sammy draw his last breath. Karen is amazing!

Karen is one of the most talented, compassionate and truly accurate animal communicators, psychic mediums and general psychics. No one is easier to work with, and yet, so spot on perfect in the detailed and verifiable information revealed. Karen speaks to the heart and soul of her clients - both humans and animals. She is always a source of inspiration and comfort, as she relays the accurate messages she receives.. She has literally changed my life for the better so many times, by bringing me closer to my beloved animal companions, and the humans I love! I can not praise Karen enough!

Karen has helped me connect with many animals - living and passed, as well as a loved one. The information I receive during these calls has been invaluable. One of the best things about Karen is that she shares the experience with you - she is truly a beautiful soul with an incredible gift. I recommend her for anyone looking connect with those they love. - jodi

Karen's reading have been instrumental in helping me deal with the untimely passing of my beloved 14 months old cat to FIP. I was absolutely devastated and listening what he had to say thru Karen helped tremendously as I continue with the grieving process. I highly recommend her services... Have a open mind and most importantly an open heart ... Your beloved departed will show up to bring you peace...

Karen is truly one in a million. She's connected with several fur babies in my life and is spot on with things no one else would know about. I refer her to anyone and everyone I know that talks about their beloved fur balls. Very blessed to have met Karen. .............Katy 

Diane Sposili — 5 star
I have worked with Karen for nearly 5 years now - and she has always given me the most remarkable, totally accurate & detailed information, messages and answers from my beloved cats - those who are still living -- and also from my dear cats, who have crossed into the realm of pure spirit.

Karen is a unique treasure in the field of animal communication and mediumship. Her accuracy & detail are totally without question, in my experience -- but most importantly, she is extremely responsive to the needs of her clients, along with being compassionate, wise, caring and understanding.

I turn to Karen for all my animal communication and mediumship needs, but I also rely on her for her depth of wisdom, and the soundness of her advice and good judgement. Frankly I trust Karen totally and implicitly!

I can unreservedly give Karen my highest recommendation [5 Huge ***** Stars Always!] - and I personally could never work with anyone else, when I need to communicate with my dear animal companions, whether here with me on the physical plain, or with those that have crossed over into the spirit world. I can't even count the number of times that Karen provided me with insights and solutions to problems that were occurring in my multi-cat family.

I should add that Karen has provided detailed and accurate messages from my parents, who have crossed into spirit. I once had a session with the human medium George Anderson, who was also fabulous, but I really need to say that Karen was more accurate, and more detailed, and she provided real answers to my questions. So again, I found Karen to be without equal as a human medium too!

Karen Anderson is truly without equal in the field of Animal Communication & Mediumship and also as a Wise Woman of True Heart and Soul!

Karissa Thomas —5 star Amazing and dead on! The best reading I have had so far!

Nancee Strgar — 5 star​ Fabulous---great information, very personable & easy to talk to.
Phyllis Stuart — 5 star Yes, she is funny, smart and talented...LOVE her.

Kathy S. Mullett-Kergaravat —  5 star​ Karen is the BEST! She has helped me so much over the past few years! From connecting with dearly departed loved ones to helping with solving behavioral problems and relaying messages from both pets and family. She is always kind and caring. Thank-you, Karen, for all that you have done and all that you continue to do! I always look forward to speaking with you! 

Kelly Wall —  5 star​ Karen is the real deal! And a genuinely nice and empathetic person. I have never had a more accurate reading and recommend her highly. Already looking forward to taking with her again.

Cynthia Rutherford — 5 star  Karen is amazing. Her accuracy is amazing and so is her energy. I liked her immediately. Thank you for the human reading and the Burt (feline) reading. He is coming to me now and asking me to clean his eyes! It worked! 

Amel Yarid — 5 star Karen is a talented, sensitive and kind animal psychic.

Kelly Patience — 5 star  Karen is Amazing a few years ago I experienced the tragic loss of my cat Paddington i feel that we have more than one soul mate and they come to us in all different forms Paddington was one of those soul mates when he passed i felt alone, lost and was in the deepest state of grieving I had ever experienced until i discovered Karen while looking for support groups online I scheduled a session with her and the things that she knew baffled me they were things only known to Paddington and myself because of Karen I now know beyond any doubt with my whole heart and mind that life does not end with the death of the physical body it is simply transformed the soul energy can not die. That is a beautiful gift. The relief of knowing that Paddington was still very much with me allowed me to begin the healing process. Karen is much more than a Pet Psychic, Animal Communicator and Medium she is a Soul Healer.

Dinah Frazier — 5 star  Karen is wonderful - to bring my puppies back into my circle was the best. She pegged each of their personalities to a "T". 

Parri Ulrich — 5 star Wow! After only one short session, the change I see in my dog Jax is incredible! He is happier, lighter, peace-filled and more in balance than ever before. His attitude towards strangers has shifted from being aggressive to more of a watchful state. Thank you Karen for helping both of us let go of past experiences and just enjoy simply being in the moment!

Mary Balsack — 5 star Thank you Karen!!! You helped me. I will always miss the ones I lost but knowing they are ok helps so much.

Kelli Dobbins —  5 star Karen is awesome! Our Gracie kitty escaped Saturday evening and went on an adventure. Karen was able to calm our worries, locate her and help bring her home Wednesday morning 
She was 100% accurate in her description of the location where Gracie was hiding out, fussed at me for Gracie for moving some plants around in the house (Gracie apparently isn't happy with it), worked with Gracie to convince her that she needed to come home and worked with us on what we needed to do to get her back home. It worked!!! This isn't my first time using Karen and it certainly won't be my last. I highly recommend her to everyone.

RudySandy Hudson — 5 star  Karen , thank you so much for helping us connect with our Beloved Baby Boy Napoleon, and all the Human Family who had things to say .Thank you for making us feel so comfortable , like we have always known you. Every session we have had with you has been so uplifting , positive , and full of laughter and love. We feel so much closer to our Baby Boy every time we talk with you. Cant wait until our next session. Thanks so much Rudy & Sandy

Ann Kempner Zych —  5 star  Hi Karen, As always, you did a wonderful job connecting with our birds. Normally we have you connect with our living birds but this time we had you connect with two of our birds who have passed on.

Both Mark and I thought you did an amazing job connecting with both Phantom and Snowy. You also mentioned things that no one knew but us.

We always recommend you and will always continue to do are our "go-to" person to communicate with all our animals both living and deceased. Thank you so much Karen. Ann & Mark

Lydia Anastasia Baroque — 5 star Karen is truly a gifted Animal Communicator. I have been grieving the loss of a special Himalayan, Pixie, for almost a year and a half now. The experience helped me feel connected to Pixie instead of consistently feeling depleted and empty. Karen was very specific and gave me the gift of laughter again!

Stephanie Hardy — 5 star  Karen is an amazing, compassionate, very talented individual. I am so grateful that she has chosen to share her gift of animal communication with not only me-but the world. 
She is the best as what she does...I'm still in awe!   XoXo to you, Karen!

Ness Ramos — 5 star  Karen is the best! She helped me communicate with my best friend Sparky on many occasions. She told me things about our relationship and expressed feelings that I knew without a doubt came from my old friend himself!

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