Welcome to My Family!
Once you are a client you are part of my family.  I'll be there for you when you need me to help with life events as they unfold.  I am very loyal and dedicated to my ever growing family of animal-loving and spiritually enlightened souls.  You and your loved ones, both human and animal are very important to me and you will always be my priority. 

If this is your first experience with communicating with your animals you are in for a treat!

A session with your animals can be insightful, funny, interesting and sometimes very emotional.  Each session is unique and you never know what the animals will share. 

I want your session to be the best it can be so please read through this page before you schedule an appointment.

How A Session Works

1.  I start each session with a prayer/blessing

2.  I connect with your animal's energy, living or deceased with a photo that you provide.  Although photos aren't necessary it makes it much more enjoyable for me to see who I am talking to.  I can also connect from a description of the animal if no photo is available.

3.  Connecting to energy is a simple process once you understand what to look for.  It's similar to having that animal's cell number and 'dialing' up their energy.

4. As their energy comes through I will share all the images, feelings and information that is shown to me.  This can be anything from a state of mind, emotional status, health related or even something completely off the wall.  You just never know.

Some animals manifest in full form.  Others send just their thoughts, emotions or words. Sometimes they will send images of their surroundings.  When I work with lost animals I see what is around them. 

Each animal is different. Some are better at sending me telepathic 'verbal' messages and others are better at sending images.  It's just like talking to a human in that regard.  Some are better at communicating than others.  It doesn't make one good and the other bad, just different.  

5.  I always allow the animal to share their thoughts and feelings first as a courtesy to them.  But you may ask questions throughout the duration of the session.

6.  Sessions are very interactive and conversational.  I will share all the information that your animal provides and I do not censor anything.  It is my sole purpose to be the messenger so therefore if the animal is upset about something I will tell you. 


7.  I will see the world through your animals' eyes, feel from their source of emotion and its important that you are open to hearing things from their perspective as well.  These messages may not coincide with your own personal feelings.  Be aware that your animal is a unique individual and we need to honor their perspective.

8.  Entering into a session with a closed mind or expecting to hear a certain response will only leave you disappointed and frustrated.

9.  I will focus on your goals and offer insights, information and messages during the entire session.

10.  I finish with sending everyone's energy back to them and closing the session down.

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