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5 Star Editorial Review


Reviewed By Deanna R Sweeney for Readers’ Favorite

The Amazing Afterlife of Animals by Karen A. Anderson is so much more than I expected it to be when I started reading. Karen took me on a journey with her as she stumbled through life, trying to find her path and her calling. Since childhood she had recognized that she had a unique gift; she was able to communicate with animals that were both living and dead. Unfortunately her gift was received with negative responses and disbelief and, because of that, she ended up hiding her gift and even suppressing it somewhat. She describes several careers that she experienced and how they all kept bringing her back to one thing – the animals. Karen shares several stories that are heartwarming reminders how our beloved pets are a part of us and never really leave us even after they cross over. 

The Amazing Afterlife of Animals is an inspiring book that not only helps animal lovers like myself come to terms with the passing of my furry family members, but also inspires me to be brave enough to follow my intuition and give myself permission to follow my dreams. I found myself shedding tears one moment and then laughing the next moment at the light hearted humor, which is clearly a part of Karen’s personality. The writing is smooth and engaging and kept me turning the pages to see what would come next. This is a book that every pet lover should read. I highly recommend this book and this author. 

I will be looking up her other titles. 

Karen, you have gained a fan.

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The Amazing Afterlife of Animals

Messages and Signs from 

Our Pets on the Other Side

By Karen A Anderson

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1,000 Words


What happens to our pets after they die?

Is there another realm where they coexist with our departed loved ones? 

Are they happy and free from pain? 

Internationally known Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium, Karen Anderson, reveals tantalizing evidence that our pets communicate with us before and after their physical death.

Will their messages prove that their eternal spirit remains connected to us after death? 

You be the judge.

Discover how pets feel about death, euthanasia, cremation, reincarnation and so much more. 

Was it their time to die? 

Do the pets we've had to euthanize forgive us?

Included are actual sessions with departed animals sharing their loving and insightful messages. 

You will also learn how to work through your grief and move into a place of healing.

The purity of the animal's messages may surprise you and they may even present new perspectives about life after death.  

Discover how deeply your pets love you and how the bonds of love never die as you journey into the amazing afterlife of animals.

What messages await you?

Praise for the book:

"My cat, Johnny Angel, was having some problems so I began my search for an animal communicator.

My session with Karen was so profound that my connection with sweet Johnny has been transformed.

That amazing marvelousness jumps from the pages of her inspiring book, "The Amazing Afterlife of Animals" and will take your relationship with your pets, on this side and the next, to new horizons!"

~ Annie Kagan, author of the international bestselling book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death.

"Karen Anderson has successfully captivated us again, with this new and beautifully insightful look at the Afterlife.  She shares in vivid detail what our departed pets are thinking and feeling as they arrive at and settle into, the Other Side. 

This book is sure to captivate your heart and soul, as Karen takes you on a wonder-filled spiritual journey. Her detailed images and heartwarming stories bring much-needed healing to all of us who have ever loved, and lost, a beloved animal companion." 

~Dannion Brinkley, author of the bestselling book, Saved By The Light

I got Karen's latest book on Kindle and read it all in a single sitting. I couldn't stop reading. Sometimes through tears, sometimes smiles, sometimes grabbing my heart and screaming oh my gosh! 

So many of the things she shared in my sessions with my horses make even more sense now. I got added clarity by learning more about the communication process.

I loved the book and am going to buy more as gifts! It's precious and fabulous and so amazing.  I wish I had read it before I had done any of my sessions as it explains so much of how she can do what she does.

I love her all the more now! 

I appreciate her and her heavenly gift that she so generously shares with us! Great, great book!!!! 

~Claudia Rutherford

Hear All Creatures!

The Journey of An Animal Communicator

Now a Bestseller on Amazon!

Animal Communication Books

Your Pets Anxiously Await the Opportunity to Share Their Thoughts and Feelings With You!

By Karen A Anderson

Karen shares her successes and failures as she learns how to connect with the animals and  translate their messages. 

Karen communicates with animals in the `here and now' as well as those on the 

Other Side. 

You never know what the animals will say or who they will bring through.

Hear the profound and sometimes tearful messages of hope and healing from the spirit world. 

Read vivid details of what the Afterlife is like, how it feels, what it looks like and what our animals are doing over there right now. Find out why we bond with our animals on a level that exceeds even some of 

human relationships. 

Learn how you can become closer to your own animal companions and discover what your animals are trying to say to you too.

Anyone who has loved an animal, lost an animal or had to say goodbye to a dear and devoted friend will find the messages in this book insightful and healing.

The Secret Inner Life of Pets

A Leading Psychologist and an Animal Communicator bring you the love and 

wisdom of animals

By Dr. Patricia Carrington, Ph.D.

in collaboration with

Karen A Anderson

A treasure trove of true stories about animals and of wisdom about them. 

It represents an unusual collaboration between a leading Psychologist and an award-winning Animal Communicator. 

You are immediately swept into a journey of deep insight by discovering an entirely unknown side of your pet – a side most people don’t even suspect exists.

You will not only encounter a host of amazing tales, but many powerful healing affirmations and much practical advice that has been created by Dr. Patricia Carrington to help you and your animals achieve greater happiness. 

Among other things, it is an ever-present “you-can-reach-for-at-any-time” reference book for pet lovers from which you will gain a surprisingly new viewpoint on such issues as:

* Dealing with puzzling pet behaviors, many of which will suddenly become understandable to you when you discover the animal’s 

side of the issue

* Handling a pets' traumas in 

a manner that is truly restorative

* How to communicate with your pet in a new way - a part of the book that is fun for both human and animal!

* How to handle guilt associated with your pet, a much more 

common reaction than you might think.

* What to do if your cat is lost vs. if your dog is lost. These circumstances call for very different approaches.

* How to connect meaningfully with a pet who has passed away – this is one of the most powerful and deeply healing sections of the book.

* How to recognize the amazing gifts that your animal friends can offer you.

Animal communicator, Karen Anderson, sheds some startling light on the psychology of domestic animals. 

She also recounts a host of surprising facts about her life as a police officer where she displayed an extraordinary ability to solve domestic crimes with the 

assistance of the victims' pets.

Amazing Paranormal Encounters, VOL. 2

Contributing author: Karen A Anderson

GHOST STORIES from the real experiences of notable people in the paranormal field. 

Contains links to actual EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recordings.

The follow-up book to the Number 1 best seller in Supernatural and Unexplained Mysteries on Amazon since October 2015 AMAZING PARANORMAL ENCOUNTERS VOLUME 1.

 Bone-chilling tales of ghosts and more written by authors, investigators, radio show hosts and other people in the paranormal field. 

This chilling anthology reveals some of the strangest and most frightening experiences they have ever had and in some cases, these experiences are what brought them into the field of the paranormal in the beginning.

Contains links to EVP's.

Documentary - Soon To Be Released!

 The first part of a trilogy. 

Seth is the primary focus of this documentary - think of him as your host. But, he's not alone. 

We will travel across the Pacific Northwest to visit his friends who are also included in this spiritual adventure. You will see special interviews with: Animal Communicator 

Karen Anderson and Psychic Mediums 

Teresa Kleve, AurorA (Sharon Lewis), 

Teresa Carol plus several others.

This is the untouched reality of life as a psychic medium and many questions will be answered. 

You will walk away from this documentary knowing it wasn't a Hollywood production for entertainment purposes.

Get to know the struggles you face and also the blessings you receive as you help bring healing to both the living and those who have passed on. Learn about the different types of spirits and even watch "spirit counseling"


This film will cover numerous topics and also take you back through Seth's life into early childhood. You will get to take a peek at the Oregon Ghost Conference in Seaside, OR and experience some paranormal outings with White Light Paranormal Insight.

Get up close and personal with Seth with his personal video diary. You'll also hear stories and real accounts, including testimonials, from people like you and me. You'll hear from the believers, the skeptics

 and those in-between.

This is a film you will not want to miss!