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With so many talented Animal Communicators, Mediums, and coaches finding the right one for you can be a challenge. It’s so important to find the right person to work with. Take time to review the testimonials, Facebook pages, and do your homework before selecting an advisor.

More Tips on Finding the Best Advisor for You…

We each have a different method and style so much like finding the right doctor, therapist, or clinician, it comes down to who’s style you resonate with the most.

I want you to be confident once you have decided to work with me.

Bringing positive energy to the session is essential for the highest and best outcome.

I recommend that you inquire with a few different advisors and read their reviews. Also, check with family and friends for referrals.

If you are still skeptical or not feeling confident then it is best not to schedule.

Trust your instincts and intuition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Afterlife Expert, Animal Communicator, or Coach?

I just happen to be all of the above!

As an Afterlife Expert I communicate with departed human (Mediumship) and animal souls. I serve as a translator and deliver their messages through a series of images, words, symbols, and feelings.

As an Animal Communicator I telepathically communicate with all animals living or deceased.

As a coach, I mentor clients just like you who want to become an Animal Communicator, or who have a manuscript to publish, or those who have published a book that is not selling, or those who want to launch their dream business.


How many pets have you communicated with?

In the last 22 years I have communicated with over 21,000 animals.

Do you offer IN-PERSON sessions?

No, I work from my home office in a very remote area of Eastern Washington.  Phone and email sessions are much better than an "In-person" session.

There are many reasons but mainly the drive time to and from appointments would be very time-consuming and unproductive.

Pets may hide or become overly excited with a new guest in the house. This can cause problems with connecting with their energy and keeping them focused on your goals.

There may be other distractions in the home, children, other pets, etc that cause interference with the messages.

The best environment for a session is when all parties involved are in a quiet, controlled, comfortable, and familiar location.

What can I realistically expect from a Pet Session?

You will hear many things about your pet that you already know along with new information that will be interesting, insightful and in many cases, downright amazing.

There will also be information that you do not know or were not aware of.

Pets will share all kinds of information that can help you understand behavior problems, health issues, age-related concerns and even afterlife communication.

We will cover your goals in each session and make sure your questions or concerns are addressed.

Sessions are interactive, fun, interesting and you may ask questions throughout the call.

Hearing your pet's perspective can be a life-changing moment.  You may never again see the world the same way after you hear your pet's messages.

Each communication session is an opportunity to create a more harmonious and loving connection with your pet.

How can a session with my pet help me?

A pet session can bring insight into behavior problems, health concerns or any other issues that are troubling you.

We can discover why your pet is behaving a certain way, or ask them about their pain or discomfort levels. They can share insights as to what they need to be happy, healthy and whole.

If you are grieving the loss of a pet a session can help you navigate through your emotions and ultimately move you into a place of healing.

Although a session is never a cure for grief, as there are no shortcuts through the pain, however, a session can bring forth powerful messages and clarity and a peace of mind that somehow escaped you before.

Do I need to be near my pet during the call?

Not at all! I work with energy. I can access the energy of your pets from any location.  Time or distance is not a barrier during any session.

Do I call you or how does that work?

I use a conference call number that you will call for your appointment. It is a free call for most carriers with the exception of  T-moblie. I believe they charge one cent per minute which will be 30 cents for a 30 minute phone call.

How do you connect with my pet over the phone?

I use your photo to make the connection.  It's just like having their cell phone number. I simply dial up their energy and make the connection. It is the method I have used for over 20 years and it is very effective.

Let your pet do whatever they want during a phone session. You do not need to bring them to the phone.  You can be at work and they can be at home.  It will not make any difference in the outcome of your session.

What do you see when you connect with my pet?

An animal's energy comes through in many different ways. I may sense them near me or feel them brush past me. Animals can also show up as a full bodied manifestation but usually I just hear them talking.  Since I have their photo, many pets do not feel the need to manifest or appear in my office.  I may see their eyes, or an outline of their head or body.  Each pet is different and I never know what to expect.

Will my pet know you are communicating with them?

Most pets will act normally during a session as I connect with their highest level of consciousness.  They will often come in to the room you are in once we get started as they are drawn to our energy during your session.

Some pets show outward signs of our connection and yet others act as if nothing has happened.

Will my pet change their behavior after a session?

In some cases, pets immediately change a behavior that we addressed in your session.  Others will adjust and change over time.

This is a group effort and your attitude and outlook on your pet will be crucial in obtaining the best results.  Follow-up sessions are sometimes needed to remind them of whatever we discussed in our session to maintain the best results.

How do you connect with a deceased pet?

Exactly the same way by using a photo.  If a photo is not available, sometimes I can simply contact them using your description.

As you think about your pet, images of them will flash through your mind. That will draw their energy near allowing me to make the connection.

Should a new client select an Email Session?

Email sessions are perfect for those clients who live in opposite time zones or who have busy schedules.

They are just as effective as phone sessions they just aren't as interactive as you are not on the phone with me.

PHONE SESSIONS are the most interactive of all my sessions and many times there will be information that comes through that I don't understand. I may need your assistance putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

But we can email each other after your session for clarity and validation.



Will my Phone Session be recorded?

Recording your session is highly recommended and is available for an additional fee.

Often, unexpected visitors show up for your session and it may be difficult to remember all of their messages.

You will receive an audio mp3 file after your session.  This file can be downloaded and saved to your computer or laptop so you can enjoy it for years to come.

You can listen from any iOS but it must be downloaded to a PC or laptop.

Is there a certain amount of time to wait when grieving from the loss of a pet?

Because of the overwhelming emotions and pain we feel after a loss I recommend that you wait until you are emotionally stable before scheduling a session.

Your pets do not need any time to 'adjust' to being in spirit form and will be ready to communicate at any time.

Tears are always welcome but overwhelming emotions can cause you to have unrealistic expectations and you may miss out on important messages as you try to manage your emotions.  It is always best to wait until you are emotionally calm to communicate with your beloved pet.

How many sessions can I schedule with my pet?

There are other Animal Communicators who will allow you to schedule multiple sessions with the same pet. I do not subscribe to that mentality for several reasons. First, having too many appointments will lesson the purity of this process, desensitize you to the wonder of it all, and the animals tend to get bored and send fewer and fewer messages. I recommend an annual or bi-annual appointment with your pet. This will keep things fresh and will allow more messages to accumulate. An exception would be if there were extenuating circumstances or if an emergency situation arises. I obtain so many messages during a session there won't be anything new to share with you if you keep scheduling more sessions. It may be difficult to understand but I am not entitled to obtain information about every single thing you did with your pet. It doesn't work that way. I can only obtain the information your pet wants to share or that which is for the highest and best good for all involved.

How Will I Know This Is My Pet?

Your pet's personality will come through as well as things that only your pet would know. For the best results, be open to whatever messages your pet wants to share.

Expecting a certain messages will likely leave you feeling disappointed.

Pets have their own agenda and I can only share what they send to me.

Just like humans, some pets are chatty and talkative, while others remain more quiet and reserved.

Each session and each pet is unique.

We all want validation that it is truly our pet coming through. I will work diligently to obtain as many specific details as possible from your pets.

How do you feel about being tested?

Please refrain from testing me or holding back information to see if I will come up with a secret code or nickname you called your pet.

Testing any psychic's abilities is considered impolite and will likely lead a to an abrupt end to your session.

Your session will leave you with many detailed messages and information about your pet

What information will I obtain from a session?

I will share everything that comes through from your pets.  The images, feelings or words are like pieces to a puzzle. I cannot see the whole picture or intimate details of your life. I use certain symbols to assess what information comes through and I work closely with my spirit guides to obtain as much clarity as possible about your situation.

Ultimately, you are responsible for what happens in your life and with your pets and together as a team we can find the best possible outcome so you can move forward with confidence and insight.

A session can be an enhancer to medical issues but it should never be a substitute for regular and proper veterinarian care.

Will I agree with everything you tell me?

Some information will immediately make sense and resonate with you. Other details may not make sense as it pertains to an event in the future.  You may not agree with everything that comes through during a session but the beautiful part about that is this can be a huge learning experience for you.  Only you can take the information from a session and apply it to your situation.

Many times information will come through that makes no sense to either of us.  I will often hear back from my clients later on that they suddenly figured out what a certain message meant. That is normal and to be expected in your session.

I'm with my pet all the time and I know everything about them. So why did I get information in my session that felt 'off' to me?

I'll be the first to admit that I make mistakes.  I try my best to obtain the most accurate information available.

But if something feels 'off' during a session, tell me.  I may be able to look at it from another angle.

No one has all the answers so please don't expect me to!  We can work together to resolve your situation for the highest and best outcome possible.

I often hear back from clients that the information that did not make sense during the session actually played out a week, a month, or years later.

And keep this in mind, as much as we think we know everything about our pets we really don't.

I'll give you a perfect example. My cat JJ is a sweet but shy boy. He will run and hide in the cabinets downstairs if anyone new comes to the house.  He rarely appears for my petsitter and refuses to be handled by anyone except me.

I took him to the vet office recently and expected him to cower in fear in the back of the cat carrier.  I fully expected him to be scared to death during  the exam.

Well guess what happened..he came out of the carrier immediately, went right over to the tech and crawled up to her neck. He purred the whole time while the vet examined him acting as if he was the bravest most confident cat in the world.

I was shocked. I still can't believe it as I type this.  I would have never guessed he would be that outgoing or friendly in a new and scary visit to the vet office.

So, as much as even I thought I knew my own boy, he proved me wrong!

Stay open to all the incoming information and try not to let your ego get in the way of a message.

Plain and simple...we do not know everything our pet does!

Is there information you cannot obtain?

Some things are not meant for us to know. For instance, we aren't always supposed to heal our pets from illnesses. I may or may not be able to obtain information on how to cure them.

Part of your journey is to care for them and to experience their good days and bad days.  If you are meant to heal them, you will.  If it is not meant to be, no one can obtain the cure

Can I Ask Questions?

During a Pet Session, you are welcomed to ask questions, however, keep in mind not all pets will answer as a human would. Pets have their own agenda and may not want to discuss tragic situations or know what type of disease they suffered from. Let your pet do the talking and you will be amazed at how many of your questions they answer on their own.

What if you can't make the connection?

Although this is a rare event, it happens.  I have had sessions were I have tried numerous times to obtain information and nothing seems to work.

I will either reschedule your session for another day or we will brush it off as 'we did our best but it just isn't happening' and refund your money.

What do I need to do to prepare for a session?

Take 5-10 minutes before your session ask your pet or departed loved ones to share their messages with us.

Be excited and bring positive energy to the session.

Find  a quiet place where you will not be disturbed during the session. Do not call in from your car, the freeway, the bus or from a busy location.

If you aren't up to it or don't feel well, it is best to reschedule.

Stay open to the messages that come through.

Keep in mind that sometimes it's the messages you NEED to hear rather than what you WANT to hear.

How Does an Afterlife Session for Humans Work?

Also referred to as MEDIUMSHIP...Connecting with a departed human loved one is an amazing experience

Unlike a pet session, I do not need a photo to connect with your departed human loved ones.

I will prepare for your session approximately 30-45 minutes before your appointment and begin a process of raising my vibration.

Your loved ones are in a parallel universe that hovers just a few feet above ours.

Their energy vibrates at a higher rate than we do much like the blades of a fan.

When the fan spins quickly you cannot see the individual blades, it is almost transparent.  The same applies to your loved ones. They vibrate much higher than we do and will appear somewhat transparent.

I have to raise my vibration and they have to lower their vibration so we can meet in the middle and connect.

During your session, I will open up to all the loved ones that appear on your behalf.  Some will share words or sentences, other may flash images or events, while others share emotions and feelings.

While I cannot guarantee who comes through, it is a rare event that we do not hear from the person you hoped to hear from.

I will describe their appearance, personality, health issues or other images they share.

Sometimes I get names or initials, sometimes I don't.  If a person was outgoing during their life, chances are they will come through the loudest or the easiest to read.

If a person was quiet, shy or conservative in life, their messages will reflect their personality.

Usually, the loved ones in your immediate soul group will come through such as parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. But you never know who will show up.

I've had sessions where loved ones from several generations back have come through.

In an Afterlife Communication session for humans, I allow your loved ones to do all the talking and discourage asking questions. These sessions are about listening to their messages and appreciating the energy it takes for them to come through.

For Missing Persons Cases or Cold Cases contact the office prior to scheduling.

Lost Pets

Why I no longer offer lost pet sessions.

Finding a lost pet is a difficult task even in the best circumstances and these cases are often time-consuming and require multiple appointments.

Emotions run very high, frustrations run deep when pets move their location and these cases extremely draining for all involved. Because of those reasons and my demanding schedule, I have opted out of these cases.

But I still want to help you find your pet fast so I created a Free Lost Pet Resource Guide upon enrollment to my VIP list on the HOME page.

This free guide contains over 20 years of proven tactics and strategies I have used to get pets home faster.

Code of Ethics

A strict code of ethics is followed during all communication sessions. The integrity of the individual being, living or deceased is always my number one priority.  Written by Karen Anderson  All Rights Reserved @ Copyright 



I hereby commit to the following code of ethics:

I seek to open the channels of communication with all species in order to learn as much as I can from them and to understand them on a higher and more spiritual level.

I promise to honor all creatures, living or deceased, with love, compassion, and respect during any exchange of energetic messages.

I promise to live in harmony with all living creatures, to consume only a plant-based diet, to be an advocate for all creatures, honoring their right to live a full and prosperous life. 

I will enter into all energetic communication sessions humbly and gracefully and with the sole purpose of creating peace, harmony, understanding or a better experience for all involved.

I acknowledge that it is my sole responsibility properly raise my vibration, set my intention, implement prayers of protection, initiate communication, thank them for their messages, and properly close down each communication session with love and respect.

I promise to always put the animal’s needs before my own or their human guardian. If an animal does not wish to share certain information I will not pressure them in any way I will honor their need for privacy.

I will never judge those who come to me for assistance and will work diligently so each animal and their guardian will better understand each other.

I promise to be mindful of my own unfulfilled emotions or opinions so that I may walk in total clarity and purity of any situation without bias.

I promise to realize my own limitations and I will respectfully decline any communication session that exceeds my level of expertise.

I promise to respect the privacy of all people, situations, events, and sensitive information that is obtained and honor their need for confidentiality.

I understand that there is certain information that I may not be entitled to obtain during a communication session.

I promise to only go where I am asked to help and I accept that I may not be  able to help in every situation presented and will seek the advice from other professionals when needed.

I will walk in my truth, never diagnosing, treating, or otherwise prescribing outside of my own credentials for any animal and will refer people to veterinarians and other health care providers in those cases.

I understand that not all animals are meant to be found, healed, or cured of illness or disease and that it may be the life purpose of that animal to have a particular experience with their human.

I will continue to enhance my own intuition and telepathic abilities with study, mentoring, and guidance from those who have walked this path before me.

I will offer to share the animal’s areas of pain, discomfort, stress, or other symptoms made known to me through any communication session as strictly informational and allow the pet parent to determine the proper route of treatment.

I promise to bring only the best of intentions to any communication session.

I promise to honor all living and departed souls with dignity and grace at all times.

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