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  • Synchronicity…and the magic of the Universe must have led you here! I am so grateful to you David.

    Karen Anderson

  • From the moment she came on the line, it was a warm connection. She sounded like my younger sister and has a sense of humor. It was clear the time would fly and it did. I had her record the session, but still wrote 4 PAGES of notes to refer to later. I feel I need another session…perhaps a full day this time.:)

    David Gosse

  • Linda, thank you so much for sharing this with me. I am humbled beyond belief. You are so right they want us to be happy and live our fullest life. Grief is one stepping stone of our journey with our pets. Each step leads us closer to healing. I am grateful for your kind words. xoxo Karen

    Karen Anderson

  • If it wasn’t for you, Karen, I know I would have been lost in grief and suicidal myself. All those little souls…we have to remember that they want us to be happy, because really they are in perfect contentment. It’s hard to miss them, but it’s good to know we should not feel the guilt and hold on to the pain.


  • It is an honor to help my clients and their pets live the best life they can. You are so kind, Elizabeth, I am grateful for your words. xoxo Karen

    Karen Anderson

  • You have really become of vessel of God’s healing. You’re growth in knowledge and helping people heal is such a beautiful experience to witness. Thank you for allowing us to be a part.

    Elizabeth Mazak

  • Thank you Claudia, you are so sweet and I appreciate your kind words xoxo Karen

    Karen Anderson

  • You are a blessing Karen. Such a source of love peace and joy.

    Claudia Rutherford

  • A review for: The Amazing Afterlife of Animals; Messages and Signs From Our Pets on the Other Side

    I did not read the book, I literally devoured it.
    I think I finished it in a couple of hours in which I cried for 3/4 of the time.

    I lost my fantastic puppy suddenly a few weeks ago and Karen Anderson managed to answer many, many, questions I had in mind.

    I cried, yes, but basically, it was a sort of “liberating” cry. I know that Phoebe is with me and that she is well; thanks to this book I have also started to “read” some of Phoebe’s messages, small events to which I had not given weight, now I not only became aware of it, but I look at them with a smile, finally, on my lips.

    Phoebe loved stealing my socks and in the morning she often had one in her mouth when she came to wake me up and in these days, often, when I wake up, I find one of the two socks a few feet away. Phoebe is with me and wants to remind me that I’m not alone.

    Thanks, Karen, thank you so much.

    Elena Bartolacci

  • Karen has a very special talent. I had my first session and was able to get the answers that I needed.
    Thank you again, Karen.


  • My cat, Johnny Angel, was having some problems so I began my search for an animal communicator.
    My session with Karen was so profound that my connection with sweet Johnny has been transformed. That amazing marvelousness jumps from the pages of her inspiring book, “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals” and will take your relationship with your pets, on this side and the next, to new horizons!

    Annie Kagan - International bestselling author of: 'The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death'

  • I have seldom been as impressed by anyone as I am by Karen Anderson. She’s the real deal!

    Linda Lael Miller - #1 New York Times bestselling author of the 'McKettrick' series

  • Karen Anderson takes you on an incredible voyage into the hearts and minds of the animals in her book, ‘Hear All Creatures’. Their vivid descriptions of death and the Afterlife show the amazing capacity of animals as intelligent, spiritual beings, and their devotion to the humans in their lives. This is truly an unforgettable and emotional journey that will bring you closer to your own animal companions and allow you to see them in a whole new light.

    Dannion Brinkley - New York Times bestselling author of: 'Saved by the Light', 'At Peace in the Light', 'Secrets of the Light'

  • “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’ reveals how adept Karen is at understanding grief and how she shares that information with people is invaluable.

    I worked at Hospice for 13 years and worked strictly as a bereavement manager for the last four years.

    I currently have my own pet sitting business and would really be blessed to learn animal communication.

    That is my goal and plan so that I can best help my clients and their human owners.

    I look forward to working with Karen on these goals.

    Elizabeth Mazak

  • Thank you for your book The Amazing Life of Animals. You have brought into print so many things I have thought. I lost my boy Red in 2016 from kidney disease. I have had eight different cats in my lifetime and this boy s passing really hit me hard. I thought I could handle it I am retired deputy sheriff and have seen lots of trauma during my career but losing Red smacked me hard. So getting your book explained to me about a lot of my thoughts since losing him. I am glad I know he is close. I am thrilled to know all my cats still look in on me even if I cannot see them.


  • In 2010, you did a reading for my three Border Collies who had all passed away within 12 months of each other. During the reading my (deceased) parents and my (deceased) sister came through. It was a most touching thing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve listened to the reading several times through the years.

    There was one thing we didn’t understand. You mentioned candles or something similar when you were connecting with one of my dogs then immediately after that my (deceased) father came through.

    From reading your books and things you write on Facebook you mentioned that sometimes someone is in a hurry to come through.

    I now realize after these many years that the “candles” were in reference to my father…not my dog, Kit. I think he just pushed in! Anyway, he always had candles at dinner. His dining room was never without them. Mystery solved!

    I want to thank you so very much for what you do. It brings much comfort…and peace. I will be scheduling a session for after the holidays for one of my dear departed cats.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

    Judy Tripp

  • Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift that allows us to hear our animals thoughts and feelings.

    I am forever grateful for the messages you have given and shared between me and my beloved horses and pets. I am so happy that I got the added treat of messages from my dear (departed) brother!


  • Karen Anderson is the most amazing animal communicator I have ever met. I was recommended to see her when I was at a a convention several years ago. I came to her about two of my dogs. I just wanted to “check in” with them.

    The first one to come through was my girl Balloo. She had said that she was jumping up and down next to me saying that she loved her nick name “Boo Bear”. No one new that I called her that as I had not had her very long. She went on to tell me how very happy she was that I had rescued her along with some other things.

    Then my boy Buddy came through. He had not been feeling well so I was hoping for some answers. Karen stated that Buddy had some form of a growth in his mouth that was very uncomfortable and one under his right arm pit area. He in fact did have a fatty tumor under his armpit and was scheduled to get it removed later that week. The mouth thing I wasn’t sure about.

    When I took him into the vet, she said that there was nothing wrong with his mouth. I kept feeling a bump but had always assumed it was just his jaw bone. Later I found it was cancer and had the vet of caught it when I told her about it, things might have been different.

    I do not dwell on that, but instead go to Karen any time I can for “check ins” and behavioral issues with foster pets. I would recommend her over and over again. If I could do a 10 star review, she would get it!

    Thank you Karen for all you do. You are greatly admired and appreciated!

    Karissa Thomas

  • I want to thank you for the profoundly helpful reading we had. Much of what came through is ringing true especially after listening to the recording…and I am amazed and very grateful.

    Kathy S.

  • When I heard Karen Anderson speak at the Port Gamble Ghost Conference a couple years ago, I suspected she was not your run of the mill pet psychic. She struck me as sincere and grounded. I liked her right away. Her motivation did not seem based in self-aggrandizement. I could clearly see that she was simply following her calling. So I filed her name away for later reference.

    I have been extremely fortunate to have had many animal friends in my life. I am truly blessed and I must confess to preferring the company of animals to people most of the time.

    This summer a special bird flew into my life. His name is Dave Pete. Right away I sensed that he was special and that maybe he had a message for me. Boy did he! Thanks to Karen, I understand why he found me. Her reading was specific, profound, and it literally changed the way I see myself and Dave. For that, I am eternally grateful.

    I guess if you want to know Dave’s story, you will have to ask Karen.

    There isn’t room here to tell it.

    Karen is one of only two psychics that I would recommend and the only “pet psychic” that I recommend.

    If you need help, absolutely call her. It’s well worth it!

    Robin Western Monroe

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