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A Deceased Dog’s Heartbreaking Message to his Dad

  •    April 18, 2018
  •    Karen Anderson

A deceased chihuahua mix named Buster kept showing me a handwritten letter during a session with his grieving dad, Jim.
"Did you write a letter?" I asked, not knowing what the message meant. "Buster keeps showing me a handwritten letter of some kind."
"I did," came the sobs from the heartbroken man. "I tried to kill myself after he died. I felt so guilty for his death. I wrote a suicide note. He slipped through his collar and ran into oncoming traffic. He died before my eyes. He saw me write that note?"
"Yes, he did," I answered quietly.
The little dog's energy was around his dad after he died as there is nowhere else he would rather be.
Buster also brought Jim's mom's energy through as they were together on the Other Side.
One message can make all the difference in the world.
Your departed pets love you and want you to heal as soon as you can.
They want you to live a full and happy life.

Karen Anderson is an award-winning Animal Communicator & Medium and an award-winning and bestselling author of ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’ and ‘Hear All Creatures’. Learn how to communicate with your pets from Karen’s online course or private mentoring. Karen offers consultations for pets and departed humans and loves to share her knowledge and experience with others. Karen makes her home in the Inland Pacific Northwest on a farm with her husband and the animals she loves.


  1. You have really become of vessel of God’s healing.

    You’re growth in knowledge and helping people heal is such a beautiful experience to witness.

    Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.

  2. If it wasn’t for you, Karen, I know I would have been lost in grief and suicidal myself.

    All those little souls…we have to remember that they want us to be happy, because really they are in perfect contentment.

    It’s hard to miss them, but it’s good to know we should not feel the guilt and hold on to the pain.

  3. You changed my life when you communicated with my long lost dog Partner some years ago.

    Life has been so much more at peace since that day we met at the Conscious Life Expo.

    Thank you, dear Karen.

  4. About your book, ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals”, how loving and inspiring, as we grow so do they.

    I know my deceased pets love me but it is hard to see them go.

    I miss my dogs, Snoopy and Patty Bear.

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