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Newly Released Kindle Version – The Secret Inner Life of Pets

  •    April 10, 2018
  •    Karen Anderson

I am happy to announce the release of the KINDLE version 
The Secret Inner Life of Pets
by Dr. Patricia Carrington, PhD
with Karen Anderson -Animal Communicator

Now in paperback!

“The Secret Inner Life of Pets”, is a treasure trove of true stories about animals and of wisdom about them. It represents an unusual collaboration between a leading Psychologist and an award-winning Animal Communicator. You are immediately swept into a journey of deep insight by discovering an entirely unknown side of your pet – a side most people don’t even suspect exists.

You will not only encounter a host of amazing tales, but many powerful healing affirmations and much practical advice that has been created by Dr. Patricia Carrington to help you and your animals achieve greater happiness. Among other things, it is an ever-present “you-can-reach-for-at-any-time” reference book for pet lovers from which you will gain a surprisingly new viewpoint on such issues as:



* Dealing with puzzling pet behaviors, many of which will suddenly become understandable to you when you discover the animal’s side of the issue
* Handling a pets’ traumas in a manner that is truly restorative
* How to communicate with your pet in a new way – a part of the book that is fun for both human and animal!
* How to handle guilt associated with your pet, a much more common reaction than you might think.
* What to do if your cat is lost vs. if your dog is lost. These circumstances call for very different approaches.
* How to connect meaningfully with a pet who has passed away – this is one of the most powerful and deeply healing sections of the book.
* How to recognize the amazing gifts that your animal friends can offer you.

Animal communication expert, Karen Anderson, sheds some startling light on the psychology of domestic animals. She also recounts a host of surprising facts about her life as a police officer where she displayed an extraordinary ability to solve domestic crimes with the assistance of the victims’ pets.


Karen Anderson is an award-winning Animal Communicator & Medium and an award-winning and bestselling author of ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’ and ‘Hear All Creatures’. Learn how to communicate with your pets from Karen’s online course or private mentoring. Karen offers consultations for pets and departed humans and loves to share her knowledge and experience with others. Karen makes her home in the Inland Pacific Northwest on a farm with her husband and the animals she loves.

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