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Your Loved Ones Sent You My Way…

  •    February 4, 2020
  •    Karen Anderson

There is no coincidence that our paths have crossed today…

I believe your departed loved ones sent you my way.
How do I know? They tell me.
The spirits of your departed pets and loved ones know I can help you no matter where you are on your journey in this lifetime. They work a little bit of their magic into the equation, manipulate your thoughts and actions, and your electronic equipment. Suddenly, you find yourself ordering my books or clicking on my website. I hear this time after time from new clients, ‘I don’t remember exactly how I found you but your books or website popped up on my computer. I felt instantly drawn to you.’.

Your departed loved ones know you and I have some common bonds. Maybe you are dealing with some pretty rough times or have challenges that impede your path to happiness.  Perhaps you are struggling with your grief right now or blaming yourself for a pet’s death. Maybe you are feeling utterly worthless with no self-confidence, or you may even be in a dead-end relationship or working at a job you hate.  It seems endless like there is no way out and you’ll never be able to break free of the chains that bind you. But your loved ones know how to help you and they want you to live a full, complete, and joy-filled life. So they send you my way.

I have worked with departed spirits for over 23 years and they know me on the Other Side. I have a reputation as a lightworker, a messenger, a life-force creator and in the great big web of the Universe, we are all connected. They know that I figured out how to turn things around for myself. In spite of the crazy line of work I am in I was able to turn everything around, from bankruptcy and food banks to create the life I’ve always dreamed of. I can do the same thing for you. 

If I can take something as obscure as an ‘Afterlife Specialist & Animal Communicator’ and turn it from a hobby into a life-changing profitable business, you can do it too!

I made a promise to myself and the Universe that if I ever made it big and crushed my goals that I would pay it forward and help others do the same. 

Maybe you and I connected to help you expand your thoughts and perspective about the afterlife.

Perhaps I was meant to help you by delivering that one message you needed to hear during a pet session or afterlife session to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your pet or loved one is still connected to you.

Maybe you’ve been sent my way because you want to share your message with the world and you don’t know where to start.  

It’s obvious that something or someone who sent you my way.

In the last two decades, along with being an Afterlife Specialist and a coach I have also earned the title of a #1 bestselling national and international award-winning author and the recipient of over 19 literary awards. 

Wow! How cool is that? It shows you that anything is possible with the right mindset, tools, and tactics. 

Just think of what you and I can create with your special gifts. 

I am now a successful entrepreneur who went from bankruptcy to a 6-figure income doing what I love and guess what? I can help you do the same thing too. 

So here is how I can help you:
  • * If you are seeking guidance to begin your Animal Communication journey and are not sure where to start just click here and tell me what level you are and what your goals are.
  • * If you are ready to start your Animal Communication path as a beginner click here

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    * Or perhaps you already published a book but it isn’t selling. Then we need to talk! click here

    * Finally, if you are a spiritually motivated entrepreneur with a dream of launching your own business click here.

So there you have it. Now you know why we were meant to connect. 
And if you need more proof of how much I help people just like you click here 

Even if you don’t need help right now maybe you are just a super cool, enlightened, and loving pet parent who loves my books so that is THE MAIN REASON we were meant to connect. 

So there are no coincidences in my world. Everything happens for a reason.
Thank you for being a part of my journey. I welcome your thoughts, feedback, love, and support. And I promise you I will do everything within my power to show you how to turn your life around, heal from a loss, or create the life you have always dreamed about and deserve!

I’m here for you. Just click here and tell me your biggest challenge. Or post a comment below. I read and respond to each one and appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts. 

With love and light,

Karen xoxo
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Would you do me a favor?
Forward this blog post to someone you care about, it could make their day and change their life!
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Karen Anderson is the CEO and founder of Animal Communication Planet, an intuitive and spiritual growth center, and Business is Booming Now, a business development center for entrepreneurs to launch their dream business.  She is also an award-winning Afterlife Expert and coach with over 22 years of experience helping clients just like you start their Animal Communication journey.  Karen is an award-winning and #1 international bestselling author of ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’ and ‘Hear All Creatures’. She offers a series of signature coaching programs from book publishing, book marketing, business coaching and offers a private Facebook group for women entrepreneurs, BOOM! Business is Booming! 
Discover Karen’s secrets of Animal Communication so you can talk to your pets fast just go to the online course for beginners.  For those who are already serious about animal communication or becoming a pro, the Animal Communication Mastery Program is for you. Karen and her husband reside on a farm in the Inland Pacific Northwest with the animals they love.


  1. I love that you live on a farm of land with your hubby and all those beautiful animals. I’m still waiting for your book to arrive here in Ireland. I’m 72 years young and married to my wife of 53 years, Madeline, have 6 beautiful daughters who are very lovely but don’t accept my ‘awakening”. So you guessed it I’m not alone.

    I lost one beautiful daughter who passed to the other realm over 20 years ago. My wife came home from babysitting one of our daughters 4 years ago I told her Jasper has cancer her answer was, ‘how do you know this?’ I said it coming from inside me a knowing. She contacted my daughter and they took Jasper to the vet.

    In the meantime, my sister arrived and told me her son and girlfriend are splitting up and they couldn’t agree so decided they would put the dog they called Buttons to sleep. I yelled at my sister and said I would take the 3 years old bison female.

    Now that evening, my wife arrived home to say I was correct about Jasper’s cancer and they would keep her and operate. A few days passed and Buttons the new dog and Jasper met for the first time the new dog Buttons went into Jasper’s little bed comforted her till the next morning when Jasper had passed quietly away. A few weeks later Jasper came to me in meditation and clearly saying, ‘do you like Buttons I had this all thought out before I passed over and I’m so you are happy again.’ Thanks, Karen for being here in this beautiful space.

    Love, light, and peace to you in this moment. Joe.

    1. Wow, Joe! That is so amazing! Thanks so much for sharing that beautiful story with Jasper. I am so sorry for your loss and how very special that you have Buttons now. Your book order is on the way. Thanks so much and you are welcomed to share your stories with me anytime! I think they are wonderful!

  2. I lost my sweet little “girl” Bella about six weeks ago and I have not stopped thinking about her. My heart must have shattered into a million pieces because I cry every time a thought or a memory of the things we did together enters my mind which has been every day since I lost her. I have had many other animals in my life that I have loved and lost but not quite to the extent of losing Bella. I need to know that she is alright and that she is still with me and if she stills loves me. There is such an emptiness in my life now without her now. I miss her physical presence so very much, picking her up and holding her, walking, playing together. She was such a very special little girl, almost human! I can’t help but think that if I had been able to communicate with her that night she wouldn’t have died because I would have able to get her the vet sooner. I have read your book and am in the process of reading it again. I’m so lost without my Bella!!

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet girl, Bella. It is so hard to say goodbye and I can’t imagine how devastated you must be. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss. Thank you for reading my book and may each chapter bring you closer to healing. I’m sure she loves you with all of her heart and that she is right there with you as there is nowhere else she would be.

  3. Hello, My name is Don Naffziger and I have messaged you before about my One-And-Only-Angel Cat, Grazee. I am still having such a hard time grieving over her and I am feeling guilty about being selfish meaning I have been missing her old physical body being able to touch her and we used to have a bonding every night before bed. I still do the first part every night where I sing our song but after I finished singing I would lay my head on her softly and rub it back and forth and she would begin purring. I had read somewhere about how cats when they would join a pack they would rub themselves against the others giving each other their pheromones and that was their way of bonding and it meant that they belong to the pack or each other. That’s why Grazee and I have such a strong love bond.

    So anyway getting back to my feelings about being selfish, every time I start missing her badly I ask her for a sign and I always ask her to make it big one so I know it is her. And she does every time.

    Last night, for instance, I turned off the lights and was sitting on my bed and I was crying and telling her how much I love her and I know she is okay now and I’m sorry for being selfish but I miss being able to touch her and I asked her to please let me know she is here with me and I looked up and sitting in the doorway of my mother’s bedroom was her cat MIT-MIT staring at me. I knew either she sent her out to me as the sign or I have also heard that the spirits of our pets can sometimes enter our new pets?

    My baby passed away back on May 3rd, 2019 and it was a horrible experience, she had become allergic to just about everything food wise and she eventually starved herself to the point of collapsing and we had to rush her to the emergency animal care where we had to say goodbye to her.


    1. Hi Don,
      I am so very sorry for the loss of your angel girl. Yes, you are correct! The spirits of our departed pets can join with our current pets. It usually doesn’t last long, just enough for them to get your attention and let you know they are near.

      How wonderful that Grazee is stopping by to send her love to you.

  4. Thank you. On the 3rd of every month I always light candles for her and sing our song. When I haven’t seen any signs that she has been around like her toys that I still have out in her favorite places or I use to see her flash around her shadow or whatever it is? On the 3rd the anniversary of her passing after I light her candles and sing our song I will ask her to please give me a sign that she is still with me and a big sign so I know it is her and she always does, every time.
    I hope she never leaves me or forgets how much I love her. I always tell her to that she better be there when I cross that rainbow bridge.

    1. She will never forget how much you love her! Those bonds are eternal. I’m sure she loves that you sing to her too. That is so special. Thanks for sharing, Don.

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